Reliable Security Guards in Columbia, SC

We live in a society where uncertainty is the only constant. As such, it is necessary to have a handle on your security strategy. It isn’t enough to have cameras and adopt a passive stance. The safety of your workers and patrons requires you to take an active role in security. When it comes to choosing the right security guards in Columbia, SC, making compromises is unacceptable.

Count on G & I Security Company, LLC to protect your premises. We are a leading contractor in security and protection. Thanks to our skill, experience, and professionalism, we can augment your safety doctrine to fit today’s world.

Adaptive Solutions for an Ever-Changing Environment

Choose a guard detail you can trust. Our security team has specialized training and, altogether, we have a robust body of experience. When you choose us, we will work with you to design and implement a security strategy that best fits your needs. Our security services can include:

Reception and Guest Assistance

Observation and Reporting

Visibility and Patrolling

Policy Enforcement


All of our security guards are rigorously trained to work and respond in a variety of environments. Also, they have arresting authority. When it comes to upholding safety and order, you can count on our team to get results.

Our Security Officers

When you hire a security officer, you want to know who is protecting you or your property. Our hiring process requires every employee to undergo a rigorous evaluation to determine their suitability and reliability. We take your safety and security very seriously. The only way to ensure we have your confidence is to provide a trustworthy team committed to your needs. There is no question that every one of our security personnel is dedicated to our clients. We strive to exceed your expectations and ensure that our staff is trained and prepared for a wide range of circumstances.

Each time you request a security officer, you are putting your trust into our care. Whether for an event, evictions, or patrol, our officers are physically and mentally prepared to take on their duties. We built our reputation on the efforts of our team and their conscientious attention to their responsibilities. We give every contract the utmost consideration and provide comprehensive tactical analysis to ensure your request is handled with due care and diligence. Our highest priority is that you feel our security officers are one hundred percent focused on your needs. There is no question that our services provide unparalleled peace of mind for our clients.

Contact us to begin discussing your security options. We can provide armed and unarmed security detail for your office, facility, or venue. Our company is based in Columbia, SC.

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