Depend on Us to Serve Legal Documents in Columbia, SC

In many cases, legal paperwork will only be considered binding if it is delivered personally to the individual for whom it is intended. That is why it’s best to choose a company with the appropriate workforce, training, and resources to serve legal documents in Columbia, SC.

At G & I Security Company, LLC, we understand there may be several reasons you choose not to serve the documents yourself. One of the biggest ones we hear from our clients is that they are too busy to do it. In some situations, it may be dangerous to serve papers on a belligerent individual, and it’s best to let our trained security professionals do it. We can find the person named in the documents, serve them, and provide proof of service so that you have the official recognition of it.

Not only can we assist your company by delivering legal papers, but we also fill a variety of other security roles. You can book our foot patrol services so that our officers can provide watch over your property or event. We can meet all of your security needs by deploying armed or unarmed guards depending on the seriousness and complexity of the situation.

All of our staff members undergo a thorough screening process before hiring, and they are thoroughly trained to meet all our clients’ security needs. Contact us today to book our officers.

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